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Our Story

Tracing our roots back to John D. Rockefeller, Sr., who in 1891 set out to manage his philanthropy with the same professionalism as his business ventures, we maintain our founding belief that philanthropy should not only be thoughtful and effective, but also fulfilling.

Our diverse staff draws on its unmatched global expertise, experience and vast international network to provide tailored services that meet your unique circumstances and needs.

By continuing to build on lessons learned over more than a century, our goal is to help define the next generation of philanthropy and to foster a worldwide culture of giving.

Our New Chapter

As of July 22, it will be six months since I started my journey as President and CEO of ɫ. In this exciting role, I have had the privilege of engaging in meaningful conversations with numerous external and internal partners worldwide. This includes heads of state, foundation leaders, sponsored project leads, international nonprofit organizations, and ɫ staff. These enriching and informative discussions highlighted ɫ’s well-recognized legacy and significant accomplishments. At the same time, it is evident that the organization is ready for a fresh and bold role in the ecosystem.

I have shaped ɫ’s vision and goals for the next two years using the insights gained from these conversations. The key pillars of this vision are:

Internal Priorities

Clearly define ɫ’s focus on partner development, sponsored project staff, change management, and technology.

Interlinking various parts of ɫ – advising, collaborating on funding mechanisms, and incubating bold initiatives while supporting dynamic funders with outstanding civil society leaders.

Complement internal focus with our thought leadership and strong sector partnerships.



External Priorities

Clearly identify gaps and opportunities in the philanthropy ecosystem that might be overlooked due to sectoral and geographic silos, to further our individual, family, corporate, and organizational missions.

Leverage ɫ’s extensive network of partnerships to provide relevant data, information, and stories on the needs and innovations in philanthropy.

Measure ɫ’s progress and that of our partners against our mission of accelerating philanthropy in pursuit of a just world.



Strategic Approach

We will explore the areas ɫ should focus on using a traffic analogy:

Slow Lane
Quality services we currently offer, which are reactive to donors.

Speed Limit Lane
Rebalance partnerships, tell our story and provide enhanced services.

Passing Lane
Opportunities that could significantly accelerate our mission through innovation and growth.


Thank you for your interest, partnership, and support as ɫ begins this new chapter. I look forward to sharing my vision, which aligns with ɫ’s mission and values, as we continue this journey.

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