Philanthropy Topic Briefs

Philanthropy Topic Briefs are designed to provide you an overview of key issue areas and approaches in philanthropy—major players, emerging trends, and innovative projects—and practical steps on how to get started.


Arts and Culture

Philanthropists have long supported the arts and cultural programs and institutions, from launching new arts organizations to investing in individual artists and projects.

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Systems Change

Systems change is a phrase used to explain an approach that targets the root causes of social issues instead of directly tackling the issue itself. It aims to alter or shift underlying structures such as policies, mindsets and power dynamics, which enable the system to function in a particular way.

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Climate Change

More funders now recognize the urgency of climate change and have increased their contributions toward addressing the crisis.

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education and philanthropy


Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration between policymakers, business groups, and schools to achieve scale and impact.

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Funder Collaboratives

Participants in a philanthropic collaborative can magnify their capacity to address large-scale social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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