Reimagined Philanthropy

Accelerate your philanthropy's impact with insights from this two-volume book designed to empower you in fulfilling your vision for a more just world.


Reimagined Philanthropy is your indispensable guide to navigating the dynamic landscape of giving. Whether you're just starting your philanthropic journey or looking for new ways to go deeper in your giving, the insights and tools shared will empower you to architect positive change with intentionality, structure, and focus.

Volume 1: A Roadmap to a More Just World

Designed for emerging philanthropists, this volume provides a solid foundation by addressing mindset, goal setting, approaches, innovative grant support, and impactful ways to assess and enhance giving.

Volume 2: Advanced Strategies for a More Just World

Experienced philanthropists will benefit from insights on operating models, DEI principles, adopting a systems perspective, redefining philanthropic impact, strategic time horizons, impact investing, and the pivotal role of communications, among other topics.