Fiscal Sponsorship

For donors whose funding goals require a neutral but professionally managed fiscal home, ɫ offers comprehensive fiscal sponsorship services that can help you make an impact quickly and efficiently.

Funder Collaboratives

Funders that join forces can often create greater impact than they would alone. ɫ has unique expertise in supporting funder collaboratives and cross-sector partnerships, allowing grantmakers to work together more effectively to better realize their goals.

Comprehensive Project Management

Building a new project from the ground up requires a foundation of strong planning and expert advice. Our staff helps you chart the best way forward by developing governance, programmatic and operation strategies that bear your imprint. We can also oversee all aspects of grantmaking and due diligence as well as manage HR and finance functions on an ongoing basis.

Capacity Building and Scaling

ɫ is committed to helping projects build sustainable institutional capacity by sharing and building lessons, experience and expertise from similar efforts. We offer our projects an opportunity to test ideas and evaluate approaches, and to leverage our operational and administrative capabilities in order to scale effectively.

Our Projects

Learn about some of the projects and ideas we're proud to be working on.

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