Whom We Serve

No matter your background, giving vehicle or level of experience, we work closely with you to understand your needs and to create a program that is based on your values and that achieves your goals.

Our Community

We advise established and aspiring philanthropists, foundations and corporations; manage innovative, early-stage nonprofits; and share insight and learning with our clients, our community and the sector. When you work with us, you become an enduring part of a committed community of donors.

Individuals & Families

ɫ' history began with the Rockefellers, America’s leading philanthropic family. We’re honored not only to continue our work with the fifth and sixth generations of Rockefellers, but also to share with you the experience and learnings we’ve gained over many years. Whether you’re new or experienced and regardless of your areas of interest, our services for individuals, couples and families are tailored to your unique vision.

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Foundations & Institutions

If you’re a mission-driven organization, we understand what drives you forward. As a nonprofit consulting firm, we share your commitment to mission; we’re also familiar with the complexities of grantmaking and stakeholder engagement. We’re proud to have worked with many of the most prominent foundations worldwide, assisting with everything from strategy to sector scans to RFP development to evaluation. When you partner with us, we ensure that your objectives drive the grantmaking process as we support the realization of your vision.


As a steward for one of the most powerful brands in philanthropy, we understand how the societal benefits you seek can support the values of your organization, strengthening your connection to your employees and stakeholders. Through a comprehensive strategic process, our solutions complement your unique corporate identity as we work toward your desired outcomes.

Global Philanthropy

See how we're fostering a worldwide culture of giving.